What to Expect at a Hearing Test

A hearing test is an important step in recognizing and managing your hearing health.

Hearing tests are designed to help identify the level of hearing loss that you may have.

Knowing what to expect from a hearing test and understanding how it works can help you feel more comfortable and prepared when taking the test.
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The purpose of a hearing test is to provide our audiologist with information about your ability to hear different sounds at different frequencies and volumes.

The test measures your ability to recognize speech, tones, and other sounds in both ears. During the exam, you may be tested on your ability to detect directionality (from which ear a sound comes), volume (how loud a sound is), pitch (how high or low a tone is), and clarity (how easily you can distinguish sounds). If any anomalies are detected during the exam, further testing may be necessary to determine their cause.
You aren't always subject to every single one and not in the same order, as they will depend on your individual situation; however, hearing tests typically consist of the following five main parts:

Health History

When you schedule an appointment for a hearing exam, you should be prepared to answer questions similar to those you may have encountered when visiting a medical professional for a different issue.



During this part of the assessment, we will look closely at the internal areas of your ears in order to identify any hindrances.


This part of the exam assesses the elasticity of the eardrum by changing the air pressure in the ear canal.

Speech Testing

Speech testing is done in two stages, with both of them requiring you to sit in a soundproof room wearing headphones.


Air and Bone Conduction Testing

The Air and Bone Conduction test, much like the Speech Test, is made up of two components.


Hearing tests are painless exams that only take about 30 minutes or so, depending on what kind of tests you're having done.

It's important for anyone who has the slightest suspicions or experiences any symptoms of possible hearing impairment - such as difficulty understanding conversations or ringing in their ears - to get their hearing checked out as soon as possible.

Having regular hearing tests enables you to monitor your own health, identify any potential issues early on, and receive treatment before they become more severe, increasing the risk of other complications in the future.

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